Reflecting on Vulnerability

Saying that a lot has happened since my last blog post would be similar to going from bunny ears to HD TV.

The last time I did write was on a return trip from my first time experiencing San Diego. Reflecting on it now, it's funny how your intuition will shoot through the roof when you know where you're meant to be and do. 

More recently I took another return trip back from San Diego, this time under the cover of darkness. The plot existed to surprise my dad for his 60th birthday, and with the help of my amazing sister, the mission was accomplished by waking my parents up at 3 a.m. 

Did I mention I now call San Diego home?

Reflection is just funny, man. Just over a year ago I was sneaking away from Detroit for an official visit to a city that won me over at its worst. Yes, it rained during my first two trips to SD. 

After that initial trip back from San Diego in March 2015, I had visions of what moving across the country might be like. Much like a golfer is taught to envision the shot before producing it, I made this future state of mind my home. 

What you cannot prepare for is the reaction of telling your family on Thanksgiving Eve that you are indeed leaving them and the comfort of an hour car ride. It didn't matter I had been prepping them for months and it didn't matter how many times I played this scene out in my head before hand. The reality of their emotional reactions rocked my core.

And it wasn't any easier on the morning after Christmas when I pulled away from the house and comfort zone I grew up in.

However, I vividly remember the moment I crossed the finish line for what felt like my victory lap. Entering California in my beloved Explorer with my best friend riding shotgun is a slo-mo mental replay that I'll never stop cherishing. (Yes, Bob Seger would be proud)

Who knew that would only be the beginning of the most whirlwind year of my life. 

I started a new job in a new city in a new state. Jim Harbaugh came back to Michigan. Dealt with cancer in the family. Girlfriend joined to make it our journey. Received news of successful reproduction. Changed job functions mid-year. Won the best fantasy baseball league in the world. Had an anxiety attack. And now I await the birth of my daughter, Fiona. 

By going through these life events I've experienced more vulnerability in the past 12 months than i could have ever imagined. It's within this vulnerability that I've realized (and credit to a Tim Ferriss podcast) there is comfort in the future by being uncomfortable in the present.

Life is too beautiful to be running full tilt 24/7. Seriously, stop and smell the roses on your way to work.